HIVE redefines experimental economics research, offering a comprehensive and accessible platform that empowers researchers, fosters collaboration, and promises breakthrough insights. Join us on this transformative journey as we shape the future of experimental economics. 

What is HIVE? 

HIVE, which stands for Highly Integrated Virtual Environment, is an innovative platform tailored for Experimental Economics research. It serves as an all-inclusive hub, redefining how researchers approach experimental studies in this field. 

Unveiling the Possibilities on HIVE 


Empowering Universities and Labs 

Securing a Bright Future for HIVE 

Strategic funding initiatives will ensure HIVE's success. We have applied for funding from the Sloan foundation and have plans to apply for future funding opportunities to support the network. 

How can I get Involved? 

HIVE needs your feedback and suggestions. We are seeking partner universities to join our early-access network. If you have comments, suggestions, or if you would like to partner with us, please email 

HIVE Background, Status, and Roadmap 

HIVE is the outcome of combining two platforms, the ESSRN cloud programming environment created by John Duffy, Stephan Jagau, and Yiyang Min and the OSO subject recruiting platform created by Greg Leo. We have completed initial app development and are currently testing the system.